Polly Pardonme

Polly is the ‘self-proclaimed’ twin sister of the legendary Dolly Parton, tragically separated at birth by 25 years and a Continent.

Polly is a COUNTRY AND WEST WALES SINGER, singing her own brand of daft songs about the country she lives in and loves. Songs like THE A470, UNDYWHERE? She tries so hard to write like her sister, but gets it oh so wrong with parody’s such as THE MULTI-COLOURED SHELLSUIT THAT MY NANA NICKED FOR ME, and of course the social commentary song TROLLEYS IN THE STREAM.

Polly tries her hardest to be like her ‘twin’, but whereas Dolly has the looks, talent, voice, creative ability, money, worldwide status, business acumen, global adoration…. Polly has a cleaning mitt and a can of Sparkle furniture polish.

She is, in real life, a cleaner from the US of K (USK near Monmouth), and her husband ran off with the girl from the local chip shop. After this betrayal, she became slightly unhinged as she didn’t know where to get her chips from anymore.

She decided, for good or ill, to make a difference in the world by showing everyone that you don’t have to be famous or talented to show the world some love. Polly is everyone’s favourite cleaning songstress, determined to spread glamour, sparkle, love and cleaning products wherever she roams.


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